Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter this is the first of our relaunched quarterly newsletter, which will provide updates on our staff, services, and health initiatives.

Staff news

Over the summer three of our reception team have left us. We have now recruited to the team and have three new members, however, please be aware that our new staff members are still in training and may take a little longer to assist you.

Polite Request

Please be kind and courteous when phoning the practice. We are doing our best in this busy time. Our receptionists are here to help you.

Thank you.

Face Masks

Although some restrictions have been relaxed, patients are still required to wear a face mask when attending the practice. This not only helps our staff stay safe but also the very vulnerable patients attending for appointments.

Flu vaccinations

After initially having our flu delivery delayed by two weeks, we are now able to start our flu campaign, we have started to patients aged 65 and over, working towards all our over 50’s being vaccinated by the end of the year.

COVID vaccination boosters

After the success of our covid vaccination campaign at Halsey Hall, we will be inviting patients to attend the same venue again for their booster. All eligible patients will be contacted and invited to attend.


The NHS has been working extremely hard during the COVID 19 pandemic and we thank you for your support during this time, as we approach winter both primary and secondary care is becoming increasingly busy.

We have worked hard to ensure that patients receive medical support throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so, in doing this it is vital we maintain infection control and minimise unnecessary contact.

We are open and have been throughout the pandemic, appointments for GP’s and Nurse Practitioners are being triaged first. This helps keep you safe and if you need to be seen in person you will be offered this by the clinician you speak with. Triage is how we find out more about the support you need, this may be via telephone consultation, video consultation.

Receptionists will ask you the reason for your appointment, receptions are trained to signpost patients to the correct person best suited to your needs. The appointment you are offered may not be the GP, it could be with a nurse practitioner or community pharmacist, who are all trained to diagnose and treat a range of health conditions.

We also have access to several health professionals who consult with our patients, including practice pharmacist, dieticians, care coordinator and social prescribers and you may be offered follow up appointments with these team members.

What is a Care Coordinator?

Care coordinators support GP practices in providing care and personalised support for patients with specific needs. For example, frail or elderly patients.

What is a Social Prescriber?

Social prescribers help patients improve their health, wellbeing, and social welfare by connecting patients to community services or charities. For example, local groups for carers, dementia support, wellbeing walks, craft groups.

Access to appointments 7 days a week

Did you know that you can book appointments until 8pm weekday and on a Saturday and Sunday every week, you can request one of these appointments at the time of booking. This service is run with our neighbouring practices, Abbey Road, The Maples and Cuffley Surgery. You may have to attend another practice however this is only available for patients registered at one of the GP Practices.

Training Practice

We are a GP training practice and will normally have a registrar attached to the practice. The registrar will have already spent a considerable time working in hospital medicine before spending a year with us to gain experience in general practice.

We also have ST1 and ST2 doctors who spend four months with us before going back into hospital medicine.

GP learner workload is carefully controlled to be at a level consistent with their abilities and experience. In practice this means consulting with patients after an induction period, initially with 20-minute appointments. (the standard for general practice is 10 minutes).

Part of the training requires video consultation, and from time to time we may ask patients to help us with this valuable aspect of the training year. This would, of course, only be with your written agreement. The recordings are only used for teaching and training purpose and confidentiality will always be maintained.

Patient Group

Would you like to become a member of our patient group? You will be contacted via email for opinions, updates, and ideas. Occasionally you may be asked if you wish to attend the surgery for a meeting with other members of the group.

If you are interested in joining please complete our Patient Reference Group Registration form.

Dr Catherine Orji, Dr Raza Rashid, Dr Muna Sheikh, Dr Kwasi Appiah Practice Manager Miss Rebecca Coleman.